Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday 7th- V&A Museum

Rain again, off and on but not so cold today. Pete and David headed off to Earls Court to set up the stand and we girls decided on a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum which is just a couple of blocks down the road. David and I had visited it the last time we were in London, it was a good way to spend a few hours before we headed to the airport. This time Sophie wanted to check out the ceramics and sculptures as she’s taken up pottery. From the pictures of her work that I've seen, she’s pretty darn good too!

The inner garden courtyard of the V&A Museum

Maddie was an absolute angel, taking it all in and talking to anybody who would listen. I’m not sure she really appreciated where she was though; she managed to have her afternoon sleep in amongst the some very old and very famous pieces of art. One of the sculpture halls was very interesting, a walkway passed over the top of a huge area where obviously all the restorations, repairs and new pieces are checked and cleaned. What a job, I’m sure it would be a never ending task.

Sculpture restoration

One of the stranger ceramic pieces in the exhibition. It was a little spooky.

With a pushchair we couldn't access all the areas of the museum without negotiating dozens of stairs and the lifts only went to certain floors. We saw this area from up above, I'm still wondering what theses were used for.

We thought we’d take a walk in the park afterwards to show Maddie the squirrels but the rain had settled in by the time we had finished so it was back to the apartment for a snooze and to wait for the guys to get home from the show.

Earls Court and the London Cycle Show 2009

Another quiet night in for us all, the difference a baby in the equation makes to our usual London evenings- a pub dinner down the road. It helps save money though.

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