Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday 6th- Finally we meet Maddie

Woke up late to a wet, cold, miserable day. I’d actually been awake again since about 3am before catching a bit of a snooze around 7o’clock. Thank God for my laptop and luckily the blinds and curtains in the room black most of the light out. A distant hum of traffic noise and regular sirens from emergency vehicles being the only indication that there’s a city out there!

Busy Cromwell Road & Fraser Apartments

After a slow start to the morning and with heavy rain, we stayed indoors and caught up on some business at home via the internet. By mid afternoon we needed some fresh air and exercise so we caught the tube into the city again for a wander. David was still suffering a bit from jet-lag and didn’t feel too well so after a brief visit and a walk in the wrong direction we caught the tube back to Gloucester Road Station(our local) to await the arrival of Pete, Sophie and baby Maddie.

Gloucester Road Station

One of the most photographed corners in London- Piccadilly Circus

The family arrived on cue and finally we got to meet a cute little button who for the last 8months we'd only seen over the webcam. She was a little hesitant at first, probably more from the 4 hours travel she’d just endured strapped into her car seat between Mum and Dad in the van than from laying eyes on her Poppa! Maddie is absolutely gorgeous; she has the cutest of smiles, little chubby cheeks and is one very happy baby. She grins, chuckles and coos her way through most of the day. I want to wrap her up and take her home.

Once we unloaded the van- Maddie travels with more gear than Pete needed for the show stand- we went off to the local supermarket to get a few bits and pieces for dinner then we spent the evening catching up with Pete and Sophie in their apartment while Maddie slept off her big day.

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