Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday 8th- Hyde Park

Trade Day at the show, Peter headed off there early ready for the rush while David tubed to Victoria Station to meet his one and only Uncle who lives in Swanley, about 12 miles south of London. Uncle Roy is a spritely 85 but hasn’t been to London city in 20 years or so and was a bit unsure of all the "newfangled" ways with the Tube. Last year we caught the train down to catch up with him but this time it was going to be easier for him to come up to the city for the night. He told us he was so excited about coming to visit as his days are pretty monotonous and he was looking forward to a change of scenery.

It was a brilliantly fine and blue sky day so while the guys were at the show Sophie and I took Maddie to Hyde Park. We stopped by the Round Pond beside Kensington Palace to watch the swans. They are so beautiful and white compared with our black ones and quite a bit bigger too.

Kensington Palace and the Round Pond

We then strolled through the park in the sunshine stopping at the Italian Garden to watch the pigeons having a great time in a fountain and then up to Speakers Corner where we had a bite to eat and then got Maddie ready for her first London Big Red Bus experience.

The traffic at Marble Arch was frenetic with so much noise going on, cars, cabs and buses roaring here there and everywhere. Poor Maddie, who has had experience of only a tiny little Welsh village where 2-3 cars a day might pass, lasted well in amongst all the noise until a bus driver released his air brakes right beside the pushchair and then another tooted his horn, even I jumped at that. She soon settled down once we were on the bus and away to Earls Court to check on the guys.

Roy spent the afternoon at the show with David and Pete and then we all went to the local Steak House for dinner. Maddie came along in her pushchair all wrapped up and she soon fell fast asleep, we went quiet early as the guys were tired from standing on their feet all day and Soph didn’t want Maddie out too late for obvious reasons. The music started out reasonably quiet but by the time our dinner was coming to an end they had cranked it up and with the place now full to capacity there was quite alot loud background noise. But Maddie slept on, what a good baby she is.

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